Orion Trail

The Orion Trail follows the footsteps of ancient cultures through interesting places and areas of which Friar Karel Gržan writes in his book In the Sign of the Orion that they contained a megalithic temple, the “centre of the world,” located in the triangle between the rivers Savinja, Sava, and Sotla. This thesis is confirmed by many previously undiscovered sites (walls with a length of over 100 metres, settlements in ruins etc.) that are very meticulously aligned with the stars.

The starting point of the trail

You can start your walk just above the Marof Waterfall, in the direct vicinity of the House under the Waterfall homestead. 2 km from the House under the Waterfall, you will reach the starting point of the trail, Jurklošter (a defence tower of the former charterhouse in Jurklošter), which is now a tourist information point (GPS: 46.094739, 15.345066).

The route

Jurklošter, Mrzlo Polje, Pojerje, Blatni vrh, Puršnica, Marof, Mrzlo Polje, Jurklošter.

Information on the trail

  • Trail type: hiking trail focusing on natural sciences and history
  • Hiking time: 3-4 hours
  • Length: 10.7 km
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Food: from your backpack
  • Equipment: suitable footwear (ankle-high) and clothing suitable for the weather conditions on a particular day
  • Lowest point on the trail: 366 m
  • Highest point on the trail: 594 m

Every August, there is also an organised hike on the Orion Trail.

The book In the Sign of the Orionis available from the Laško Tourist Information Office (by: pater dr. Karel Gržan). Available only in Slovene language.